I grew up in a family where humanitarianism was at the forefront of our lives. My Dadda (grandfather) was a very prominent person in our community, although we were not very rich, but willingness to help others was the utmost priority. In 1948 our Dadda started a free homeopathic Clinic in our family home, where people were treated free of charge every day. After his passing our uncles have continued with this practice, and even today, every Sunday there is a long line of people who come for free treatment.

My father, the Humanitarian:

My Abba in his own humble way always tried to help people, he could not say NO to anyone who needed money or help. He was a Banker by profession and I remember quite well that he would never come home with his full salary, always having shared with someone in need on his way home! There are so many stories I remember, but all I can say is that because of his nature, my Brother Ahmed was able to establish LKMWT in his name, so that my father’s legacy can continue.

My father, the Actor and the Personality:

My relationship with my Abba was unique, although I am sure my siblings will say the same thing. As the eldest child, however, and there not being much of an age difference between my parents and I, there was a unique bond. Our Abba was not a very traditional father in many ways, but he did teach us to know the difference between right and wrong. We could talk about anything and everything with him, even our friends were surprised with how easily we could talk to him!

When I was growing up, Abba was more of a stage actor than a television star. I tell this story to my friends:

He considered me his critic in regards to his stage plays, and always wanted my feedback on his acting. I remember once we were returning home from one of his plays, his good friend was with us too. Abba asked me what I thought of his acting, so as usual being a constructive critic, I said that over all I thought he acted well, but in one scene I would have preferred him to have acted differently. On that suggestion, Abba’s friend was shocked, and demanded Abba slap me! Abba was shocked and asked WHY should he do that? His friend countered that I am criticizing his acting! Abba laughed at his abrupt reaction, and told him to calm down. He informed his friend that this is what he groomed me to be, and that he trusts and accept my suggestions, so that he can improve at his acting capabilities. This is how our relationship was: Unique and Trusting!

I miss him and my mother a lot.

Aquila Aswat
Managing Director
Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust
U.S. Chapter

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