Medi-Health Clinic 1 (Shah Faisal Colony)

The first Medi-Health Clinic of LKMWT was launched in 2007, in Shah Faisal Colony. Operating as a consulting clinic, it now hosts a pharmacy and a sophisticated ultrasound machine on site, and has evolved to become a one-stop service provider for most primary healthcare concerns.

To cater to the wider community, free-of-cost medical camps are regularly set up under the banner of LKMWT. Here, they address not only chest diseases but also offer Spirometry tests for lung function. Caring for around 40,000 patients annually, Medi-Health Clinic, Shah Faisal Colony, anticipates and welcomes increasing number of patients, as communities gradually become aware about preventable diseases.

  • Equipped with Sugar testing facility
  • Equipped with Ultrasound Facility
  • Laboratory testing on discounted rates from Essa laboratory.
  • General OPD
  • Women’s Health Facilities
  • Minor Emergency Care